Unterschrift entziffern / signature unknown

  • Hello,

    sorry for doing this in English, but I do not speak German. I was looking for the painter of a painting, but I can not read the signature. Somebody told me it might be in "Sütterlin" or an other "old German" handwriting.

    I hope somebody can read it, thanks for your help.



    [Blockierte Grafik: https://www.museumserver.nl/phorum/plaat/full/Signatures.jpg]

    PS: the signatures come from 2 different paintings, but it might be the same signature (not sure). I made photos from different angles.

  • Thanks for your answer, unfortunately, I can not find a painter with any of those names.

    Do you think it is Sütterlin or something like that? Or just 'normal' letters?

  • Looks a bit like a Gothic minuscule as one may see at the letter "d". But it's some kind of own creation, which makes it really hard to identify concrete signs and letters. Maybe there would be an idea, if the first part of the signature in the second painting would have a higher contrast. But that would be only guessing either. I suspect, that this wasn't a well known painter.